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.kennel di Ala D'Oro Bracco Italiano
.Jaap Muller & Tina Steffens

Ala D'Oro Puppy Waitinglist


Before we actually have a litter, we try to find people who are special interested in a puppy from di Ala D'Oro kennel. Mostly there are 4-6 people on our waiting list before the mating is done. We only place people on our waiting list if we have had personal contact with them, so when they live not to far away we want to see them in person first. During this personal contact we tell people what we expect from people who want a puppy from our kennel. At the same time people can ask us questions and they can tell us what they expect from us and the puppy.

In principle we have only one litter a year. When we make a combination our first intentions is that we keep a puppy ourselves. We ask people to come and collect a puppy from our house. Our pups are not shipped alone. For more information about this, you can e-mail us. We find it very important to promote the Bracco Italiano as a working dog. People who have the intention to work with their dog will have a small favorite. But the most important thing is that a puppy will get a loving and caring home. We like to have some information about the futures owners and ask them to stay in contact when we have placed them on our list ands when they have recieved a puppy.

If we do not have puppies or our waitinglist number so long that it is not realistic to ask you to wait we have the opportunity to bring you in contact with good breeders all over the World who have or expect puppy's, we only advise breeders we think good of.

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Di Ala D'Oro - Muller & Steffens